Heart of Antarctica

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Imagine a place that is the coldest and harshest on earth,  yet one of the most beautiful…

Imagine a place that holds most of the world’s fresh water supply locked into ice-sheets, yet is the world’s driest desert…

Imagine a place that has never known war, that belongs to no country, that is dedicated to science and exploration…

Imagine… that you’re going there…

From "Heart of Antarctica"

A group of spirited mountaineers, adventurers, and scientists - including an astronaut - visit a remote camp in interior Antarctica.  "Heart of Antarctica" captures their experiences... adjusting to life below freezing level, climbing the tallest mountain on the continent, hunting for meteorites, testing new robot technology, understanding Antarctica's important links to space and environmental science, comparing their experiences to those of the early explorers, and even visiting the South Pole.  Personal, entertaining, and educational, "Heart of Antarctica" is an award-winning video that stimulates not only learning, but also imaginations.

  • Find out more about who was on the trip by clicking Expedition Members.  

  • Read one of the explorer's personal accounts in Antarctic Journal

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  • See the Video Overview page for more detail on the video contents, along with quotes from reviews and teacher feedback. 

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    News!  Some members of the 1998 expedition returned in January 2000, and found 19 meteorites!  Read about their adventures in the Fox News archives.  Also, the robot Nomad visited the continent for the second year in a row, and found 3 meteorites.  You can read about Nomad's expedition at the Big Signal site.

More News!  "Heart of Antarctica" wins a 1999 Gold Apple award!  Awarded by the National Educational Media Network, this award is widely recognized as a standard of excellence in educational media.  "Heart of Antarctica" has also been endorsed by KIDS FIRST!.


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